10 July 2010 @ 04:53 pm
Show of hands, who thinks this comm's been too quiet too long?

I vote we take another crack at a Clan Mitchell commentfic meme. Leave as many prompts as you like (one per comment, please), as simple or complicated as you like, name characters or 'verses if you like and don't if you don't, write to any prompt that catches your fancy, all ratings and pairings welcome, crossovers welcome, new additions to the family welcome, multiple fills very welcome, and if you don't have a DW account feel free to post prompts or fills under OpenID.

Only two things not welcome, in fact. First, if you're writing anything critical of the Clan or otherwise potentially hurtful to anyone here, keep it to your own journal, I beg you. Second, to quote [personal profile] synecdochic from last go-round, "The only thing that [personal profile] ivorygates and I ask is that there be nothing with things we're actively working on for others to write, so no Gedulah or any of IG's active storylines. Sidestories from Roll With It are cool by me, but not anything more future than what's been written so far; Gedulah's out, since there's a lot more canon than what people have seen."

Who's with me?
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