09 June 2010 @ 01:03 am
I apologise to those who have been hurt by recent events, and I regret that the worst of this has happened when I was not in a place, physically or emotionally, to take action to shut the situation down before it got further out of control. The kind of behaviors that have been demonstrated over the past several days are not what I want for this community. I apologize for being unable to take action to remedy the situation earlier.

Several people have questioned whether or not they can or should continue writing in my universes after my reactions. I do not, and have never, had a problem with people writing alternate takes on the characters and situations I've written, presuming that the Creative Commons BY-NC license that all of my fiction is released under is respected when work that is derivative or transformative of my own transformative work is released (to your journal, to your website, to the AO3, wherever). Some people haven't been doing that, and I didn't realize how much that, among other things, has been upsetting me until developments related to this incident made me realize that was one of the things that was putting me in a bad space. If you've written anything that's a remix or a derivative or transformative work of anything of mine, please add reference that it is such a work, along with a link back to my journal.

I had realized that people writing fic that takes place in the 'future' of universes I have not yet finished is a major problem for me and my creative process, which is why I asked for people not to do so in this community where I was watching. Thank you to those who respected that request without dismissing it, and I do ask that, if you write it, you continue to not show me or link me to anything of that nature.

The topic of critique has, of course, also come up. I have no problems with critique of my work once it has been finished, and I have no problems with alternate versions of my work that are done to examine other themes or ideas, as long as they're labeled as such. I don't particularly want to play the justification game, but the reason I was so shocked and hurt in this situation was because I saw a number of people responding to characterize the family as harmful or abusive, in a way that made it clear that they weren't talking about alternate universes or alternate interpretations but about the main set of things I've written, in a place where I had earmarked for celebration and not critique, while I was in creative mode to work on prompts and not in critique-handling mode to hear discussion. Those crossed wires are what caused my screeching car-crash dissonance, and I apologize for being unable to handle it. I was originally planning not to respond at all, and I should have stuck to that resolution.

I do not speak for [personal profile] ivorygates and she does not speak for me. She is no longer a maintainer of this community. Please do not lecture me about her behavior; I do not approve, but I do not and will not conduct confrontations with my friends in public.

I am not anywhere near a place right now where I can discuss this and the other things that have been affecting me, which is why comments have been disabled on this entry and why I will be taking a break from this community and from my journal until I am in a better place both physically and mentally. I know that saying this will most likely contribute to the drama, and I apologize for that as well, but I am in a very bad place right now and further interaction about this topic or anything related to it is going to make it worse.