05 June 2010 @ 09:33 pm
So I've apparently been sucked into this concept of writing a Clan Mitchell/Psych crossover, and while I have plenty of 80's music to fuel the Shawn Spencer of my brain (heaven help us all), I don't know that I have much that would suit writing the Clan.  Especially as this would be my first time of writing anything at length for the Clan.  So, if you listen to music while writing, what kind of thing do you listen to while writing the Clan?  I'm looking for band names and songs and such, and any explanations you care to offer about why those songs and bands in particular would be most welcome.

(For those interested, the current concepts involved include Henry Spencer trying to drag Shawn on a fishing trip to Lake Jocassee for Christmas- with other people, maybe Uncle Jack- and Shawn sneaking away to run across Juliet, who is introducing Gus, her fiance [um, yes, AU] to her extended family- the Mitchells, and Gus grabs on to Shawn out of sheer terror and drags him along- and she also brought Lassiter with so he wouldn't have to spend Christmas with his mother.  [Lassiter, actually, loves the Clan, and is well on his way to being adopted.]  Shawn gets taught how to knit by the twins, offers relationship advice in the form of Poison lyrics to the young, impressionable teens of the Clan, has his head screwed with by JD, who he can't figure out, and very, very slowly Shawn starts to admit to himself that he's falling for Lassie.  Then- Henry shows up, and an angry and stubborn Henry Spencer collides head-on with Sassy, who doesn't necessarily trust Shawn around her babies but feels protective about him anyway, and all hell breaks loose.)

So as you might imagine I can use all the help I can get.  So, soundtrack ideas, please?  Thanks!

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