02 June 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Clan Mitchell Not-A-Kinkmeme  
Because I am starting to, very tentatively, get my writing mojo back, and because everything I am writing is eight thousand billion million words long, and because we were talking about running a Clan Mitchell thing-a-thon a while back and then we all kind of wandered off ooh shiny, I thought it might be cool to do a Clan Mitchell not-a-kinkmeme. (By which I mean, the prompts and responses can be porn or not-porn based on individual preference.)

The way it works is nice and simple:

-- Leave a prompt. It can be simple or detailed; it can specify characters or not. (The only thing that [personal profile] ivorygates and I ask is that there be nothing with things we're actively working on for others to write, so no Gedulah or any of IG's active storylines. Sidestories from Roll With It are cool by me, but not anything more future than what's been written so far; Gedulah's out, since there's a lot more canon than what people have seen.) One prompt per comment; multiple comments are fine!

-- Browse around the prompts, and if one strikes your fancy, fill it. (Both prompts and fills can be anonymous or logged-in. There can be more than one fill for a prompt. In fact, the more the merrier!)

-- Repeat until we all get bored.

Prompts should revolve around the Clan in some way, whether being Cam or Cammie's version. If you've got a specific 'verse in mind (Broken Wings/Howling/Roll With It, "mainline" Cammieverse, Mezzanine), include that in the prompt. If it's "any Mitchell-containing universe", you don't need to specify.

Prompts and fills with OpenID are welcome, and if somebody who's not mostly avoiding LJ wants to post a link in [livejournal.com profile] clanmitchell please feel free :)
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Lis[personal profile] staranise on June 4th, 2010 06:47 am (UTC)
"Oh my goodness! Sara Eileen, you've got to let me see her."

Sassy did her best not to smile with all her teeth at Anna Jo. She called everyone by their Christian names, and didn't mean to single Sassy out as an outsider--and the one who'd snapped up Everett Mitchell as well, which other women in town did. And when she took Cameron Evangeline in her arms, she didn't mean to criticize, when she gasped over the baby's rash and cradle-cap--but it made her unique.

"What do they think caused this?" she asked Sassy, tracing one wrinkled finger over the red swellings around Cameron's neck and shoulders.

"We got a blanket and some baby clothes," Sassy said, careful not to implicate anyone with her words. "And when we looked back, we're all pretty sure none of this was that bad until she got them."

"Poor thing," Anna Jo clucked. "Gonna have to find you something special, won't we? You're just a special little girl."

"I just hope she doesn't grow up sensitive, that's all. So I'm just wondering, do you have any of that cotton Mary Brewer sometimes sends over? I'd like to start with that."

Anna Jo smiled down at the baby, then at Sassy. "You bet we do. You take her--" this was accompanied by a transfer of baby-- "and I'll be right back."
Cesy: Clan Mitchell[personal profile] cesy on June 4th, 2010 06:52 am (UTC)
Aww, poor Sassy.
Lis[personal profile] staranise on June 5th, 2010 06:44 am (UTC)
Part of her brilliance is how hard she worked to get there.