In case the populace is interested, here's a couple of Friends'verse stories, starring (respectively) Jack and jdn, written to fill requests I got for 3W4DW.  They're a matched set, which is why I'm posting both here even though only the second one is technically Clan Mitchell-type material.  (Incidentally, if anyone else wants fic, feel free to toss a request my way.  There's a week left of 3W4DW and my docket has slots empty.  :) )

These should be read in the order they're listed.

Title: Ozymandias
Fandom: NCIS/SG-1 (NCIS:LA implied), set in the Friends'verse
Word Count: 1,196
Jack O'Neill, Gibbs, Ducky, Jenny Sheppard
Rating:  PG-13 (Gen, rating is for language; it's Jack)
Notes: For [personal profile] spanish_bookworm who requested some backstory about Jack, Gibbs, and Jenny.  Welcome to 1986.


Title: Echo in the Bone
Word count: 978
: Stargate SG-1/NCIS (Friends'verse)
Characters: jdn, mention of others
Rating:  PG-13/R, language and subject matter
Spoilers:  Really helps to have read A Howling in the Factory Yard
Summary: Old ghosts and promises to keep.  Missing scene from June of Howling.  Companion piece to "Ozymandias."
Notes:  For [personal profile] synecdochic , who asked for something about jdn.

Echo in the Bone

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