If you found yourself a bit disappointed in Chapter 1 (I may yet go back and rework it because while it is Necessary to the Exposition, I'm still really not wild about it), I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that Chapter 2 hews much closer to the flavor of Friends.

Monday afternoon and she’s still on the Hill; a few more hours of hearings and then home is the hunter, but for now it’s stale coffee and microphones and the same questions asked six different ways by men convinced each of them is asking something new.  Rather be anywhere but here, but duty calls, and it’s Hetty’s job to convince the members of the Boys’ Club that the protection of the laws that they so love making is worth at least a pittance in next year’s budget (a pittance, if not a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck).  Not that she’d admit it even on a bet, but every time she’s up here she finds herself wishing for a temporary Y chromosome; this sort of deal-making is different for the men (by tactful, she’s fairly certain Jenny had meant, “you don’t lose your temper and start shouting obscenities at chauvinistic idiots”), and anyone who says she’s living in a post-feminist world is clearly enjoying a particularly lovely form of self-delusion.  Were she a man, this could all be accomplished with a couple of glasses of expensive whiskey, a Cuban cigar, and an arm around the shoulder of the committee chair, nod-nod, wink-wink, and not this dance of carefully chosen words and delicately almost-revealed secrets (more in taberna and less dies irae, dies illa, which would be wonderful, but one makes the best of what one’s given, and being a woman is rather nice the other three hundred and sixty three days of the year). 

Chapter 2 is here:  Keepers of Secrets
Chapter 1: Small Favors

Part the First: Friends in Strange Places

You know, I had originally rejoiced because Hetty is Not Gibbs, but I've come to discover she's worse:  she's literary, and she speaks Russian.  And Hebrew.  And probably some other languages she hasn't told me about yet.  Do not ask about my Firefox tabs.  -_-

Also, it is apparently now traditional for Chapter 2 to be the "NCIS talks to O'Neill" chapter.

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