27 January 2012 @ 06:31 pm
Hi, tiny fandom!

I've written some Spencer Griffith fic (with occasional Skipper); it's set in Spence's second tour at the SGC. Lots of plotty science fiction stuff, liberal garnishes of the Black Mountain relatives. It also includes a bunch of new OCs, including a romantic interest with a slightly fascinating CV. First bit of a novel-length fic that's still in progress.

Blast Radius (16827 words) by faviconstaranise
Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Clan Mitchell - Fandom, Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: OMC/OFC
Characters: Original Characters, Original Male Character, Original Female Character

A Stargate officer back for his second tour. A retired Trust agent trying to move on with her life. A slightly-restless galaxy and a secret program that's been bursting at the seams for a decade now.

Sometimes the question isn't what will go wrong. It's what will go right.

An OC-centric AU, set post-S10. Contains less than 10% real canon characters.

Which reminds me--"Clan Mitchell - Fandom" on the AO3 now wrangles to its own fandom, not Stargate. So if you go back and re-tag your fics, they're easier to find.

I also did a 30-questions meme about the story, my process for it, and my thoughts on some worldbuilding here.