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chromatographic ([personal profile] chromatographic) wrote in [community profile] clan_mitchell on June 9th, 2010 at 02:29 am
The one song I think of whenever thinking of the Mitchell's is an obscure little song by an obscure little duo. It's called "North Carolina" by the Divine MAGgees (whose music has become near impossible to find online and I'm really irritated at that).

The only link I can find to play it is a Myspace (and seemingly old, at that, I couldn't get it from their Myspace page but from Google) so here:

I can't even find the lyrics anymore, so I have to assume they've run into some weird kind of issue and that makes me sad, because I saw them live once, and they were AWESOME.

The other artist I think of is Dar Williams - so much so that I've been tempted to write songfic and I *hate* songfic. Really anything from "The Beauty of the Rain" album, but especially - And Oooooh, she's coming to The Orange Peel (venue in Asheville) later in June I MUST SEE ABOUT TICKETS NAO.


Anyway, especially "After All" (Lyrics: )

But yeah, that's what I've got for now at least.
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