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Icons, and the not-a-kinkmeme status report

First, I made icons! If you'd like alternate text, just ask. (I was pretty lazy with the fonts here)

Cam (played by Ben Browder) hugging his father (played by Ian Robison) with the text 'Clan Mitchell' The hands of a group of fiddlers tuning their instruments and the text 'Clan Mitchell'
A basket of vegetables in a garden with the text 'Clan Mitchell' A toddler clinging to the leg of a man in military uniform with the text 'Clan Mitchell'
A misty autumn morning on Interstate 81 through the Appalachian Mountains with the text 'Clan Mitchell' A pair of hands knitting with the text 'Clan Mitchell'
Three kids kneeling on a rock, peering into a creek, with the text 'Clan Mitchell' A young man in military uniform, with a knapsack slung over his shoulder and a cocky expression, and the text 'Clan Mitchell'

Fun fact: the last one is almost exactly how I imagine the Griffith twins look.

How the not-a-kinkmeme is going

General advertisement: I am willing to buy a meal for anyone who will be at Con.Txt who can fill more prompts than me.

[personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle: Momma, "Wedding Nights"
[personal profile] cesy: Cindy Lou, "Mornings"
[personal profile] staranise: Cammie's first trip to a yarn store
[personal profile] staranise: Fibrous Muffins (Spencer and Skipper)
[personal profile] myystic: Lt Pete Mitchell: it's (maybe) a small world after all (Top Gun crossover)
[personal profile] cesy: A Rough Landing (OMC, Sassy, Everett)
[personal profile] cesy: observations of younger Mitchells (OFC great-aunt)
[personal profile] staranise: Someone who just doesn't like the Clan (OFCs)
[personal profile] cesy: Wormhole X-Treme (Sam, Jack, Cam, Daniel)
[personal profile] slybrarian: Someone who just doesn't like the Clan (Cam, Evan Lorne)
[personal profile] staranise: Seekrit Mitchells (Star Trek XI crossover)
[personal profile] slybrarian: Stray Weechesters (Supernatural crossover)
[personal profile] staranise: Stray Weechesters (continuation)
[personal profile] bellawishing: Memories of time gone by (JD, "babies crying")
[personal profile] bellawishing: Practical jokes and family (Spencer and Skipper, "handmade things")
[personal profile] slybrarian: Stray Weechesters (continuation of the continuation)
[personal profile] cesy: one step closer to ruling the world (Chandler)

Cesy: 5
Goldjadeocean: 4 (+1 prewritten)
Slybrarian: 3
Bellawishing: 2
Quinfirefrorefiddle: 1
Myystic: 1
cesy: Kids playing by a stream (Clan Mitchell)

[personal profile] cesy 2010-06-05 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I will also buy a meal at Con.Txt for anyone who fills more prompts than me.
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Thanks for the roundup! And I love the icons. Next time I post about knitting, I'm so using that one!
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thanks for the round-up - I'd missed some of these, so it was great having everything linked in one place.

also - might I use the road/misty mountain icon? it's awesome (they all are) and very definitely evocative of the Mitchells
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thanks - I look forward to using the Clan Mitchell icon soon!

oooh wow - thanks for the tip; you were totally not exaggerating about things being tense. it was an unhappy surprise that it ended up on fandom wank, even