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ladyyueh ([personal profile] ladyyueh) wrote in [community profile] clan_mitchell on June 6th, 2010 at 01:03 am
I place all the blame on [personal profile] staranise

Cammie learned how to shop in her Momma's arms, then at her knees. Clothing, for children and adults of all sizes. Craft stuff, yarn, fabrics, and other odds and ends needed to keep hands busy and young minds occupied.


Cammie learned how to buy enough food to feed an army through a siege. (The family through Christmas.)

Only thing was, Cammie's Momma never taught her how to buy for one.

So, she bought more than she needed for herself and cooked. The smells filled her kitchen and her house and settled the ache that called for family around the table and hearth.

She froze some of it, but having it meant she called her team over, fed and watered them, mothered them as she'd been brought up to do. She brought baked goods to the SGC and used it to bribe the techs for gossip or as comfort for someone's hurts.

No, Cammie never had to shop for one, she's never even cooked for a singular soul, and she's grateful she's never had to learn.
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