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Eventually, they traced the whole thing back to the point where Stewart expressed a desire for candy. Every cousin between the ages of five and fifteen had banded together to assist him. The older ones insisted that they had merely followed along to ensure that no-one got lost, once Chandler had started the wrong way down the road. He insisted that he knew exactly where the bus stop was to get into town to the candy store. He was rather disappointed when Jessie told him that the next bus wasn't due for three hours. Emily had made Sally and Jack put some sensible shoes on, which was good, but then she told Chandler she knew a shortcut across the fields, and it all went downhill from there.

After the mess had been cleaned up, torn clothes added to the mending pile, tired children bathed and put to bed early, and the twins congratulated on their tracking skills, the adults congregated in the living room and Everett broke out the whisky. Then Stewart appeared in the doorway in his pajamas, triumphantly holding a bag of jelly beans.

"Look, Mama! Cousin Beth-Anne gave them to me!"

As Cindy Lou sighed and chased him back up to bed, Ash remarked that any child that good at getting what he wanted was clearly destined to rule the world.

"God help the rest of the world, then," retorted Cam.
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