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Bella's 10 Forward ([personal profile] bellawishing) wrote in [community profile] clan_mitchell on June 5th, 2010 at 02:45 pm
Memories of time gone by
It's bittersweet, J.D. thinks. He and Sara (not ~him~) had agreed that when he was home that he'd be the one to take care of baby Charlie when he cried at night. It was one of his (not ~his~, damn it) favorite Charlie memories, cradling the sleepy boy after a nighttime feeding and a diaper change. He had trained himself to wake at the first sound from his (his, yet forever not) son.

When they visited villages, towns, cities through the 'gate and he'd abruptly awaken to the sound of a baby (any baby) and Daniel would sleepily pat him, "It's okay, Jack, go back to sleep," because only Daniel understood. Understood the other him.

Mouth yawned and J.D. shook himself out of his reverie to check on him. Almost asleep. A noise in the door had him look up and see Cam's mother. She smiled and disappeared as quietly as a ghost.

It seemed it was his destiny to be haunted.
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