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Quin Firefrorefiddle ([personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle) wrote in [community profile] clan_mitchell on June 5th, 2010 at 01:23 am
Well, I've never written the Clan before...
Sassy never cried at weddings. Not her, no chance, no sir. Weddings were happy times, and if they weren't- well, all the less reason to cry in front of anybody there.

Afterward, though.

Those nights, when another one of hers had joined themselves to someone else, someone new- maybe for a lifetime, she always hoped, but maybe not- those nights, she sobbed her eyes out where none but her own husband could see or hear her.

Not because she was sad for them. (Well, only the once, really. But that came out all right in the end, even if she hadn't seen it coming.) But because they'd been hers, to care for and cherish and protect, and now that was up to someone new. It didn't matter how long they'd known the family, compared to her, anyone not born in over forty years ago was new.

Another one of her little ones had jumped the nest, and whether they flew or dropped, she couldn't help them anymore.
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