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"Oh my goodness! Sara Eileen, you've got to let me see her."

Sassy did her best not to smile with all her teeth at Anna Jo. She called everyone by their Christian names, and didn't mean to single Sassy out as an outsider--and the one who'd snapped up Everett Mitchell as well, which other women in town did. And when she took Cameron Evangeline in her arms, she didn't mean to criticize, when she gasped over the baby's rash and cradle-cap--but it made her unique.

"What do they think caused this?" she asked Sassy, tracing one wrinkled finger over the red swellings around Cameron's neck and shoulders.

"We got a blanket and some baby clothes," Sassy said, careful not to implicate anyone with her words. "And when we looked back, we're all pretty sure none of this was that bad until she got them."

"Poor thing," Anna Jo clucked. "Gonna have to find you something special, won't we? You're just a special little girl."

"I just hope she doesn't grow up sensitive, that's all. So I'm just wondering, do you have any of that cotton Mary Brewer sometimes sends over? I'd like to start with that."

Anna Jo smiled down at the baby, then at Sassy. "You bet we do. You take her--" this was accompanied by a transfer of baby-- "and I'll be right back."
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