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Lis ([personal profile] staranise) wrote in [community profile] clan_mitchell on June 4th, 2010 at 06:29 am
Skipper held the muffin in one hand, grazing absentmindedly more than taking actual bites out of it: it appeared that from time to time he put the muffin in proximity to his lips and hoovered off another layer of crumbs. His other hand alternated: when it wasn't poking at the omelette with a spatula, he used it to lift his coffee so he could take a drink. He actually didn't notice his twin observing him; his was the slump-shouldered, squinty-eyed posture of a man with a truly epic hangover.

"Morning, sunshine," Spence said, leaning against the kitchen doorframe.

"Mm," Skipper replied.

"I was hoping to make lunch. Since that's the meal, you know, it actually is. Later, even. It's almost fourteen hundred."

"Misread my clock," Skipper murmured, flipping the omelette from done side to done side. "Thought it was the middle of the night."

"The one you partied through? That one?"

"Mm." Skipper patted the omelette with the back of his spatula, waiting for it to get a little browner. "M'not gonna throw up. Already done that."

"What'd you tell Captain Kopulos?"

"He knows I've got jet lag."

"Skip? We got back a week ago."

"You missed the party, bro. You weren't there." He flipped the omelette onto the plate. "Capn's got jet lag too."

Skipper drank his coffee. Spencer digested.

"Told you," Skipper said. "You were missing out."
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