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FIC: Little Pitchers 1/10

Since I know some of the folks 'round these parts read and liked Friends in Strange Places, and because this is a Broken Wings'verse story, intended partly to fill in the "missing year"  between Book One and Howling (and Cam and jdn will eventually put in an appearance, even if this isn't primarily a Clan Mitchell story), I figure I can slip this one in on a technicality.

I am therefore happy to announce that Chapter 1 of "Little Pitchers" (the sequel to "Friends") is now available on my AO3.

Chapter 1: Small Favors, right this way please.

Chapter 2 should make its appearance this weekend. 

I am also desperately, desperately in need of an SG-1/Howling'verse continuity beta for some of the later chapters if there are any takers out there.  :)  

ETA: For those that don't know "Friends", this is an NCIS/NCIS :LA/SG-1 crossover.  
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I can beta if you like.

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email is fine (ivorygates - at - gmail -dot - com)
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i can backstop Bethany. I'm also available to answer canon questions, if you have any. *cheers you on*

"Friends In Strange Places" was awesome, I'm so glad you're writing more.
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you are totally welcome! our lines are always open.... ;)
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I just went and read "Friends in Low Places," and I enjoyed it, thanks! Are you planning on posting when "Small Favors" is done? I'd like to wait and read it all at once when it's done, because I'll follow it better that way.